Sunday, November 13, 2011

Prada steals my heart every time.

I think this label might just be my favourite.
Its completely classy always. And it holds a soft spot for me as my first ever designer piece was a gorgeous Prada handbag.
It was my baby. It cost more than my first car.
I did buy it from the first ever open Prada store (Milan). That makes it history right??

It was an incredible experience making a purchase like that. Unfortunately for my bank account it has since become an addiction. The service is amazing! It does take forever for them to ring it through, but the champagne while you wait make its worth it.
Despite the lack of sleep for the week following the purchase, i adored my baby, and felt a million dollars when i wore it.

Its rather tattered these days, but at least its loved.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Would you?

Beige done cool.

I take it back. Beige is not boring. When its on a man anyway...

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I want this.

I have been searching for a beige piece for my wardrobe. Beige is a tricky colour. So boring, so not me.
I think i may have found the perfect piece. I love patent leather and i especially LOVE BLACK.

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